Golf Cart Battery Reconditioning and Maintenance Tips

Golf carts are generally equipped with a similar type within your average car, albeit in the smaller version. These lead-acid batteries may last quite long with proper maintenance and storage. You can be sure that the lifespan of your respective batteries is optimized by causing certain every one of its electrical products are turned off if the cart isn’t used. You should also make sure that it really is charged even when the golf buggy won’t be used.

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The best charger to use on these batteries is certainly one that will automatically switch the signal from low charge right after the battery gains full charge. You may also make use of a low-power solar charger to charge your golf buggy batteries. Be sure to charge it after each use, particularly if are planning NOT to make use of the cart for several days. The battery should also be fully charged before you utilize the golf cart with an extended stretch of time. Here’s the best way to properly charge the batteries:

Use a crescent wrench to remove the cables from this and then eliminate the battery itself from your cart. Make a paste from baking soda and water, and employ this paste to scrub the cables and battery terminals. If your golf cart batteries have removable caps, take them off then fill cells with sterilized water. Refrain from using regular faucet water as it can certainly actually shorten it’s life. Connect the charger’s power leads, the choice is yours depending on manufacturer’s instructions then turn it on. Turn the charger cool off as soon as the process is complete and after that re-install the battery in the cart if you don’t charged it in planning for storage.

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When storing golfcart batteries, do not forget that they do not hold a charge for very long. You have the option of leaving it linked to a charger set on low charge or charging it every a fortnight possibly even. What’s important is you DO NOT allow it to enter deep discharge. This can cause sulphur build-up on battery’s lead plates, in which particular case you will have not one other choice but to conduct battery reconditioning as a way to revive your golf cart’s batteries. The process of sulfation may also corrode it’s lead plates, and after about ten deep discharges, you could not in a position to keep your battery, despite reconditioning.

Reconditioning is simple enough to complete. Remove the battery from your cart or take it out of storage. Drain battery and after that replace its fluid having a mixture of mineral water and about fifteen percent of Epsom salts. Charge it as described above. Test battery after charging and take notice that you may have to charge it again in order to bring it to full capacity. While golf cart battery reconditioning can restore your battery’s life, it might only work as long as battery’s lead plates remain in working condition. Most importantly, be sure you always employ protective gloves and eyewear whenever you are charging or reconditioning battery power.