Power Tool Reconditioning – An Easy Way to Recondition Your Battery

Are you sick and tired of purchasing a new battery each time your saw battery dies out or defaults you as it’s needed most? Considering the prices of batteries nowadays, purchasing a battery is the comparable to getting a new tool. Good for you, there’s an inexpensive alternative available to resolve your dilemma – battery reconditioning.

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Rechargeable nickel cadmium (NiCad) is the main portion of power tool batteries. This type of battery is capable of being recharged several times before it’s actually rendered useless. The good news is there is no need to replace it all immediately with an all new one because it is capable of being reconditioned despite it dies out. In fact, it can be restored even to double! To maintain your battery, experts recommend to recondition it monthly and whenever it is stored longer periods to counteract it from completely discharging.

If you study the subsequent steps in order to recondition your battery, there is an process absolutely easy. In participating in this method, you need to remember only certain things: a charger to the battery and an outlet to plug the charger. After acquiring these two, it is possible to already start reconditioning your battery.

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To get you going, completely discharge first battery by running your saw. An example is running the drill before the drill stops turning (should your saw is often a drill). Make sure to run your unit emptily. In the given example above, in case you are managing a drill, make sure not to drill into anything. After emptying your battery, charge it by plugging the charger towards the electrical outlet until its fully recharged.

Operate again the tool after fully recharging it. This is to check the battery’s charge and working capacity. If battery is just not fully recharged yet, make an effort to do this again of reconditioning again or twice in order to guarantee that the battery is returned to its full capacity. If you have observed that the performance of it has already enhanced, wait at least one month when you recondition it again. Keep in mind that recharging and discharging it often can damage it. After reconditioning battery monthly, battery continues to decline with regards to performance, it could have reached its expiration. This is then the proper time and energy to get a replacement.

There are many ways to recondition your saws. The above process is just one in the many ways. You can even research on your own battery’s manual for proper approaches to recondition it. Take note that if there is any damage or crack inside casing of the battery, you happen to be happier throwing it away and get a new one.

To make sure that this lifespan of one’s battery is prolonged, bear in mind to adopt good care of it.